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Pros & Cons To Filming In A Soundproof Environment

Written by  Jonathan King
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When tackling the project of filming a video of any length, the appropriate environment is key to meeting one’s filming goals. After all, it just takes one passing train, one outspoken passerby, one rumble of thunder, or even one little bee’s unexpected presence to distract a viewer from the intent of the scene. All of these uninvited cast and soundtrack additions to your film can be eliminated by investing in the usage a soundproof studio. The benefits of filming within a soundproof environment surely offset the cost to do so and certainly outweigh the cons of exposed filming.

Soundproof Studio Shoots

It’s true, as they say, that if you want to make the higher being in your life laugh, just tell Him your plans. This humorous saying even applies to shooting expectations. Typically, if your scene requires sun, it will rain. If your scene requires calm, it will storm. If your scene requires a crowd, everyone will essentially remain indoors. Most importantly, if your scene requires quiet, it WILL be noisy.

Studio Filming Location

It is difficult to plan for your film’s intended surroundings, even with extensive planning. Fortunately, soundproof environments exist for this very purpose. Often, any sounds actually required can always be added later, digitally. Though some directors may be unimpressed by having to account for the cost to use a soundproof studio and/or the planning required up until shooting time so as to ensure time spent inside is not wasted, one must then also consider the investment in outdoor shooting time wasted by the arrival of unplanned circumstances. The cost for one’s hired staff and cast, time, and effort may all be disregarded by the excessive noise of others.

Luckily, there are plenty of means of properly preparing for a soundproof studio shoot, which is not always flawless itself. For instance, informing the studio manager ahead of time of the intended shots’ activities will help he/she better prepare for your arrival and better advise of your own preparation methods needed. Getting a good grasp on the chairs available to your crew and ensuring there are no squeaks or noisy pieces of furniture present is crucial. If the studio has an available drape, ask to utilize this tool to further mute any possible noise now present inside the soundproof area. There is no such thing as being too picky when it comes to eliminating the noise that film is so sensitive to picking up, and even noisy clothing and jewelry should be avoided by one’s crew at all costs.

Filming in a studio

It is already difficult to coordinate the schedules of cast members, the availability of crew, and the organizational steps required pre-filming. Satisfying these prerequisites—just to have the slightest interruption of sound when shooting on location—is frustrating and time-consuming. It is worth it to keep the grays out of your hair and schedule time to converse with a soundproof studio manager instead.

Sourcing your Studio

Soundpoofing may just be one of many things required pre shooting. If you are about to start filming, you have quite a lot to do to get the production ready to go. You have to work with the actors, talk to the writers, connect with the film crews and do many other tasks. The list almost seems endless. You simply do not have time to go out and look for the best sets and locations for filming.

However, having great locations is crucial to the success of your film. Many huge films that grossed incredible amounts of money were pushed forward because the locations were beautiful and stunning. Fans could not get enough of it. Best of all, these locations really made the story come alive, helping the audience to suspend their disbelief. The key to finding these settings is to hire a location library or location agency that will pick out the ideal spots while you work on everything else

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