Thursday, March 23, 2017
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Night Sky Images II


Astrophotography by Terry Hancock. Using Canon 5D Mark II (modified) DSLR Camera, TMB 130SS F7 Refractor, Mountain Instruments MI 250 GEM. Shot from the Downunder Observatory in Fremont Michigan USA. These are the best of my images for 2010 (and a couple from 2009 that were shot using the QHY8 OSC) they include: M45 Pleiades Star Cluster, M31 Andromeda Galaxy, M33 Triangulum Galaxy, M42 The Great Nebula in Orion, Western Veil and Pickerings Triangle, The Iris Nebula, The Bubble Nebula, The Cocoon Nebula, M81 Galaxy. I hope you enjoy it. Terry Hancock

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