Canon EOS 100D - An Efficient DSLR Model

Have you taken a sudden interest in amateur photography and would love to experiment with different elements of nature? Well, a sleek and sophisticated DSLR cam will fulfill all your dreams. If you love capturing vibrant photographs and wish to boast your newfound photography skills, just hop on! We’re going to sneak a quick peek into the world of digital cameras and I’ve a few recommendations up my sleeve that will help you accomplish your photography dreams.

About Digital Cameras

Digital cameras can be roughly bifurcated into 2 categories—Point-and-Shoot cams and professional SLR or DSLR cams. The former is fit for professional photography assignments whereas the later is meant for taking casual snapshots. Beginners often prefer DSLR cams that are both elite as well as unique. They’re larger, better, have advanced features and can be customized easily. Thus, it’s a perfect pick for advanced photography.

What’s DSLR?

The acronym DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex since the cams are based on the said mechanism. Digital cams include a special mirror which is placed right before the film sensor to illustrate the internal view of camera inside the viewfinder. As soon as the shutter clicks, this mirror flips up and the perceptive image sensor screens the image to take a perfect snapshot.

These cams can easily take more than 1 snap in a second and come with an exclusive feature known as “action shot” (which is especially useful in case of sports and wildlife photography). Additionally, they include a compact SD flash card and a high-speed storage card to store multiple photographs.

Top Pieces

At present, Canon and Nikon are the giants of photography industry. Some of their best selling DSLR models include Canon Rebel, Rebel XT, Rebel Xti, 100D and Nikon D200, D80, D60, D40, D20. You may also check out other options, such as S5 Pro, Pentax K200D and Sony Alpha 900.

However, Canon DSLR cams still rule out all the options. Recently, Canon EOS 100D has come forth as an affordable, easy-to-use and stylish piece.

Does this incite your curiosity? Let’s take a look at its features.

Canon EOS 100D – A Brief Overview

While other potential brands are manufacturing compact cam systems, a few companies like Canon have rationalized their conventional DSLR range of cams, rather than expanding it further. Therefore, it’s not at all surprising that the makers have unveiled EOS 100D- a light and sleek version with APS-C sensor, which is an added advantage! Now, what we need to find out is whether it meets our photography requirements or not.

Prominent Features

# Efficient CMOS sensor APS-C size (22.3x14.9mm)
# 18 MPS with 3.05 optical zoom
# Shooting Rate of 4ps
# Digital 5 processor
# High-performing STM lens with 18-55mm focal length 
# 3.2inches, 1.04 million dot bright LCD touch-sensitive screen
# ISO 100-6400 (you can expand it up to 25,600)
# Expandable Storage Media.


By designing EOS 100D, Canon has worked well within all its limitations. The cam itself is a compressed unit based on SLR mechanism and consists of shutter, prism and mirror box delicately arranged within its small body. Overall, it’s an impressive feat of engineering and the makers haven’t compromised on its quality. What’s more? The latest addition of hybrid phase-detection built in AF system makes it more efficient.

Its fixed screen allows us to record HD videos at a resolution of 1080p (30fps). Compared to other complementary models like EOS M, EOS-1DX or EOS 5D Mark II and III, EOS 100D has an ideal design. You can easily click and store photographs in JPEG as well as RAW formats. The device is programmed to capture images at all modes (auto, manual, aperture priority auto (A), flash off shutter priority and Programmed AE (P). You may also switch between different effects (Backlight HDR, close-up, portrait and sports mode etc.).

In short, Canon EOS 100D is a less intimidating model for beginners who’re using DSLR for the first time. With its “smart auto mode”, you don’t have to fuss over altering exposure settings or adjusting the screen while clicking photographs. The cam automatically adjusts it all. If you’re clueless about using it, you needn’t worry. There’s a helpful user guide to assist you. Simply buy EOS 100D and get prepared to experiment with a range of creative filters, frame rates and modes!

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Jamie Blue, the writer, is a hobbyist on photography and digital cameras. He has written several articles about tips on taking great photographs as well as some useful ideas on digital cameras.