How To Photograph Fireworks

If you are learning photography you might really want to capture the essence of fireworks. Fireworks are such a lovely experience that getting great photos is one way of bringing back those nice memories and making sure you can share those moments with other people who weren’t there.

But fireworks are also quite difficult to photograph because of the lighting conditions and the speed of which they appear and disappear. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you learn to photograph fireworks.

Lichfield Firework Display

Check Out The Location Early Enough

It is a good idea to arrive at the scene well in advance to make sure you can find a good spot and see what the location looks like. This will allow you to guarantee you can frame your pictures the right way and can give you time to get ready.

National Geography’s photography website, for example, recommends that it is important to learn to utilise the background elements as well and thus careful scouting of the location before the show is a good idea.

Make Sure The Camera Stands Still

If you want to take great firework photographs you need to ensure the camera doesn’t move while you are taking the photos. There are essentially two ways that you can guarantee this.

First, if at all possible use a tripod to secure the camera. Fireworks happen in quick succession and often you will automatically move around if you are holding the camera in your hands. Having the tripod will guarantee your camera stays focused and in one position.

Second, you should also use a remote trigger to prevent the camera from moving when you press the button. There are special triggers you can get for more professional cameras but you could also use the timer option if you just have a basic camera in use.

Don’t Use Auto Flash

The key to taking great photos of fireworks is to learn how to set your own lighting for the photo and stop depending on flash. If you choose to use flash it will try to light up the wrong parts of the picture and just turning the flash off might end up leaving the pictures too dark.

There are a lot of guides to help you work out how to manually set this function on your specific camera. It is a good idea to practice setting this up beforehand. Perhaps you could even look at websites selling indoor fireworks and purchase some to practice the same sort of effect at your own pace. There are a lot of companies selling indoor fireworks, such as Fireworks Crazy.

Make Most Of What You Got

Taking great photographs of fireworks doesn’t necessarily require you to buy expensive equipment. There are a lot of great and simple ways you can take photos of fireworks even with a smartphone. It will take a few trials and errors to really master it but if you keep practising you can succeed and wow your friends and family with great photographs from the fireworks display.

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Derren loves two things in life. Photography and fireworks and he loves to combine these two passions of his. When he isn't taking pictures or browsing firework displays online he likes to spend time preparing for his next trip to somewhere exotic.