Make This A Picture Perfect Holiday Season With These Photography Tips

The holidays create cherished memories, and in order to capture these memories perfectly, many people use their cameras to take as many pictures as possible. Unfortunately, because most of us aren’t trained professionals, our holiday photos rarely turn out the way we want them to. Thankfully, with a few quick tips, you can learn to make your holiday pictures shine.

Shoot, shoot, shoot.

In order to capture the best holiday photos, you need to be ready to take a boatload of pictures. Taking multiple photos of the same shot will help you to choose the best picture, and it will even help to capture an entire moment, such as a child opening up a present. Although you may not want to have your camera stuck to your face during the holidays, taking a plethora of photos will certainly help you capture those great pictures. Plus, all the photo taking will help you learn which camera settings, angles and shots work and which, well, don’t.

Get up close and personal.

How many photos have you seen where the subject of the picture is surrounded by a lot of dead space? Don’t make this mistake. If you want to create the best possible holiday pictures, you need to get up close and personal. Eliminate the amount of dead space in your photos by getting closer to your subjects (or even using your zoom button). You’ll be surprised at how much better your pictures turn out when your subject is the main focus and not the random items in the background.

Don’t be afraid to try new angles.

Everyone always seems to take their photos head on, but there’s no rule that says that’s the only way to take pictures. Try to take shots at different angles. Stand above your child as they open a present, or be on one side of them. Try to take pictures from a different point of view. The more creative you can get with your shots, the better they’ll turn out.

Don’t focus your subjects in the center.

Everyone thinks that the subject of a photo always has to be in the center of the shot, but it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to put the subject of your photo on the right, left, top or bottom of the photo. Sometimes putting your subject off center creates a better story for the picture and makes them that much better.

Experiment with your settings.

Your camera has more than one setting, and it’s important that you experiment with the different settings in order to take the best pictures. For example, learning when to use a lower shutter speed or a quicker shutter speed will help improve your photos, and learning when to use auto focus and when to use manual focus can also be beneficial. Don’t be afraid to play around with your settings to find those that work best for your holiday photo needs.

Get a grip on lighting.

The lighting in your photos will make or break your shot, so it’s important you know the right lighting for your pictures. For example, you should always opt to use a flash when taking pictures outside, as it will help bring light to your subject and remove the blue tint that occurs on snow. You should also try to avoid using your flash while inside, as it will typically flatten your photo and wash out your subjects. You should also avoid using a flash when taking a picture of a lit Christmas tree, as a flash will diminish the effect of the tree’s lights and wash it out. Learning the right lighting for your holiday photos, and experimenting with different lighting options, will help create the best photos.

About the Author

Jayma Watson is an amateur photographer, freelance writer and blogger who spends as much time as possible capturing family memories.