Fabulous Photos For Everyone: 5 Cameras You May Not Have Considered

In an age of camera phones where no memorable moment escapes our iPhone’s shutter, the traditional, dedicated camera seems obsolete. With the notable exception being the DSLR for taking extremely high quality pictures, not many people even consider buying a camera anymore. With Instagram and built in filters on our phones, they serve as a pretty good alternative to the traditional digital and disposable camera. But there are still those who want a unique camera that captures memories in a special way. With the amount of photos we take on our phones, the magic of taking a good photo is lost – instead, we spam the shutter, saturating our memory cards with as many photos as possible. So for those looking for something a little more special, try one of these out.

Lomo LC-A+

A relatively new movement from the 1990’s, lomography is an attempt to experiment creatively with photography by returning to the analogue camera model. The only automatic feature this camera offers is exposure, everything is you’ll have to do manually: including loading, winding, rewinding, and focusing. A fun gift idea for a photography enthusiast, it feels really rewarding to take a good photo manually.


In a world obsessed with high quality, there are those who stand fast and choose low quality photography to make a statement. Lo-fi photography is intriguing and strangely beautiful. It’s unconventional photography and far from mainstream, but it delivers beautiful and nostalgic photography. The Holga camera will allow you to join this defiant movement and capture your memories uniquely. There is a lot you can do with this camera and no two photos you take will ever be the same.


The Polaroid camera is well known and established. I’m not talking about the new variety of instant photography, I’m talking about an old Polaroid, a classic tool for capturing those special moments. They may not be ideal for selfies but they provide a certain retro feel to the photography experience. A wall decorated with polaroids of smiling children, family portraits and friendly outings is awe inspiring. It feels classic, real, and special.

Fujifilm Instax

The newer varieties of instant cameras are cute, compact and stylish. They are considerably smaller than their older counterpart and far trendier. These don’t feel as elegant or classic as the Polaroid, but more fun and energetic. They have colour photography capabilities and capture great photos. However, most of them don’t allow for much in the way of optimizing your photography. They remain a fun and novel way of taking photos however, and their popularity is rising.

Underwater Cameras

Underwater cameras are great for both summer and winter vacations. If you want to take photos of your kids while you’re swimming at the pools or at the beach or skiing in the snow, an underwater camera will capture their energy and joy with no loss in quality. A lot of contemporary underwater cameras offer a lot in the way of quality and maximising your photos’ brilliance. There are a few to pick from, with CNET recommending the Nikon Coolpix AW100 for great photos every time.

About the Author

Adrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer and photographer who enjoys unconventional photography. If you want to experiment with different cameras, he suggests you use to Flexirent to try a wide variety of cameras and see which best suits you.