How To Best Capture A Wedding Video?

There is a lot more to capturing a wedding than just setting up a camera and adding film to it. If you want to fly off to your honeymoon knowing that your wedding video will turn out to be great then make sure that you keep the expert tips below in mind.

Starting a marathon session

Hiring a videographer to cover your wedding takes a bit of work, you will need to scope out all the potential videographers’ work from past weddings. You need to look beyond the Groundhog Day type similarities in these videos and focus on the various ways in which videographers have captured emotional reactions. Make note of the colors, mood and the lighting used by the videographer, this is something that you should also take note of if you’re watching someone else’s video. If you like what you see you can actually ask the one you end up hiring to use the same techniques. Before you hire make sure to also supply the videographer with photos of VIPs at your wedding so that they do not need to be pointed out on that day.

Dialogue decisions

Filming videos is one thing but the original audio is something totally different, so this is something you really need to discuss with the videographer that you work with. Some videographers may decide not to record audio, they then over lay the video with music and text or perhaps small snippets from a few parts of the event. However, if you are really hung up over getting audio then make sure that speak to the videographer you are will hire about it.

Realistic run time

Today, the attention span of most people has been shortened to just a few minutes. Some people even have an attention span of a few seconds, so the videographer should be able to zero in on moments that instantly tell an emotional story of the special day. Special moments like kissing the bride, the expressions on the parents face etc. are all important emotions that have to be captured.

You need the full effects

If you are looking for a special type of look like the one that resembles a 16 millimeter home movie or a Super 8, it will be done post production. This is something that your videographer needs to be really good at because adding these treatments using computer software can be a bit tricky. But at the same time you’ll also want the original HD video version of the Xtraordinary wedding video too.

Your music expectations

Mainly because of how media is sent nowadays and shared, you will not get away with a wedding video that has “Radiohead” playing without getting the band’s permission. So, all the music that is used needs to be licensed. But at times finding something that is similar on various websites that are designed to help you find free to use music is a good way to start.

Coordinating with the camera crew

Both photographers and videographers are often pretty used to working with each other, they also cooperate well without getting in each other’s ways. But you will benefit greatly by putting the wedding video guy and the photographer in contact with each other early on. When they meet beforehand they may at times draw up a plan on how to go about capturing your wedding. Many times they may even know each other, so just a name will suffice.

Get the iPad version

There are many couples that just ask for an HD version of their video. However, if you are going to share the video electronically, then you should ask that the video be saved in around three standard formats i.e. HD for the television, a small MP4 file which is to be posted online, and one that can be used to email over to friends or family members or be played on a smartphone usually a .3gp format.

Ask for a quick turnaround

Many videographers have this habit of making you wait for six months. Make the delivery date very clear before you hire a videographer. This should be stated in the contract since it will motivate the person you hire to deliver on time. Ideally, you’ll want to video delivered in four to six weeks.

About the Author

Mark has been a wedding video expert for well over twenty years. He runs his own wedding and party video service catering to couples all over Sydney. In addition, he also specializes in post-production techniques and the latest filming techniques.