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It seems everyone is in such a rush these days.  But that doesn’t stop up from wanting to celebrate life’s big events in big ways.  Whether it’s a birthday, the 4th of July or a wedding, nothing says celebration like a memorable party.  So how do we find the time to plan and execute such grand occasions?   We hire a Party Planner.  Party planning is a relatively new, but fast growing industry today.  Fortunately for the stock photographer, this means a growing demand for all types of party related images.

What kind of images does it take for a party planner to be successful?  Regardless of the theme, the requirements remain pretty much the same.   Let’s break it down using a Halloween Theme Party as an example.


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You can’t have a party without guests, and there will be no guests without invitations.  Whether printed or electronic, a good party invitation will contain imagery to help set the party theme and tone.  Adult only or child friendly?  Formal or casual?  Themed or generic?  All of these questions can be conveyed easily in the choice of image used. 

For the photographer, it is important to realize all the nuances their images convey and provide a wide range of look and feel for each event type for the party planner to choose from.  It is also important to leave blankspace, or copyspace, on the image so that it is easy to incorporate the What -Where-When details for the event.


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A party isn’t a party without decorations, and a party planner would be hard pressed to sell decorating ideas without visual aids.  Balloons, flowers, table settings, buffet tables, stages and dance floors are just some of the areas where decorations decisions will need to be made.  Having a wide selection of ready-made images available will greatly enhance the party planners visual presentation to clients making selections easier for both sides.

For the photographer, it is important to realize that not everyone will be capable of producing every combination of every effect.  Providing generic images for the pictures of large decorated areas, and detailed images of decorating options, will help the planner mix and match to their abilities and the client mix and match to their desires. 


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Themed parties are all the rage.  Halloween parties can be zombie fests, haunted houses, costume parades and so on.  Even non-Halloween parties can be themed along the line of princess parties, mad hatter tea parties and such.  Images reflecting popular themes, and ideas for non-conventional ones, can help a planner help a customer pick an idea for their soiree.

For the photographer, this means keeping up with the latest trends and producing images that are specific in theme and yet generic in implementation to help with the idea generation process.  It is important to note that the images produced will be used in commercial applications.  As such, they cannot contain any copyright or trademarked materials.  Additionally, it will be necessary to provide signed model releases for any person who is recognizable in the photo either front or back facing.

Food and Beverage

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Catering an event is a large portion of a party’s budget, so it is an area the party planner will want to work closely with the client and the food provider.  While it would be impossible for stock photographers to provide all the food options available in every area, they can provide images of common party food and drink options as well as attractive themed buffet ideas.  Attractive images of food and drink can help a party planner sell a menu even if it is non-specific to their offerings.

Commemorative photo albums

Remembering the party through pictures is a key part of celebrating life’s big moments.  Whether the event involves hiring a professional photographer or not, generating a keepsake album is a must consideration for the party planner. 

Theme specific photo frames and page borders can add creative pizazz when a party planner is displaying past party successes, or providing for fee album options as add-on services.  It is essential to be able to represent the same theme and tone options of the party that were initially introduced in invitation selection, so photographers should think of these deliverables in tandem.


So much of what has been outlined is from the party planner to customer perspective.  It is important for the business owner to  first generate interest in their services and then to convert prospects into customers.  Web sites, business cards, and window placards all should be produced with impactful imagery to reflect the quality of services being offered.

Regardless of the event being planned, a party planner is an essential component in the process, and their secret weapon is the images they have available to make their business stand out from the crowd.

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All images copyright Karen Foley. Karen is a professional freelance photographer who contributes her Halloween stock photos and photography expertise to the Dreamstime stock photo community. Her portfolio can be viewed here: http://www.dreamstime.com/karenfoleyphotography_info.