5 Tips To Taking Fashion Photos

Knowing how to take fashion photos is important if you have your own fashion blog or if you are hoping to become a fashion photographer in the future. There are some important things to keep in mind when you are taking fashion photos and here are five tips to help you take great photos.

London Fashion Week Photographers1. Invest Into A Good Camera

In order to take great photos you need to have the right tools available as well. Even if you have a lot of great ideas but a really bad camera your pictures won’t be able to wow your readers.

Of course the quality of the camera you should buy will depend a lot on how serious you are about photography.

If you are going to get into photography as a professional and you need to take really high-end pictures then you’ll need to get a really good, and quite expensive, camera.

But there are a lot of affordable options out there for amateur enthusiasts. For instance, XO Jane recommends checking out offers on Ebay and suggests that some smartphones today can even give you decent photos.

2. Learn To Play With Lighting

Lighting plays an important part in fashion photography and it is really important you constantly experiment with it. Try different options when you are taking a photo and make sure you don’t just stick to the same old method you have found to be good.

3. Pick A Theme And A Focus Point

When you are taking fashion photos it is a good idea to have a certain theme in mind. This means that you want to let the viewer know a specific message or mood that you convey with your image. For instance, if you want to showcase some lovely kaftans you might have an Arabian nights theme in your pictures.

It is also a good idea to have a focus point in the picture that draws the viewer to look at the picture. You want the clothes to take the centre stage but think about how this is best achieved. Look into different angles and what direction the model is looking in.

4. Befriend Fashion Retailers

It is a really good idea to start networking with different fashion retailers to ensure you always have material for your fashion photos. Who knows you might even be able to get your photos published on their website.

You should also take advantage and look for different products available and use them to build your theme and find the right colours for your photos. Take ideas from completely different cultures and styles as well and combine them creatively.

For instance adding hijabs at the Aab Collection to your photo shoot can teach you a lot about making the clothes stand out instead of the faces.

5. Take A Lot Of Pictures

The best tip to keep in mind is that the more you take pictures the better you will get at it. So keep taking as much photos as you can to improve your skills and learn something new about the field.

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Amina loves to take pictures and is also a big fan of fashion. She could easily spend hours just browsing through fashion magazines and getting new ideas to her photography. She also loves to spend time with her friends.