Most Popular Cameras Used By Professional Photographers

There is a lot that goes into making of a picture, that’s why it is rightly said, a picture speaks a thousand words. Right from customization of frames to the performance of cameras, the ruggedness and subtle nuance captured, dslr’s provide a myriad of options to make words tumble as the screen shutter around. However, a photographer needs to have the right photo equipment and tools to be a professional at capturing special moments, scenes and situations. Aspiring photographers and veterans alike, have a lot to learn, especially when choosing one of the best cameras out there, which could make or break one’s career. The investment on cameras chosen should be serious, and only then would the returns come in satisfactory and as expected. Today, we would like to share with you names of a few good cameras professionals use. Hence, please take a look along with us and be well-informed for the same.

 The Nikon D4 Nikon 4D

With plenty of features to it’s name, useful and excellent that too, this camera has the energy to capture high ISO sensitivity photographs. However, talking about its cons, we must also honestly mention that the experience of shooting horizontally and vertically needs to be much more consistent than what it provides at the moment. D4 does deliver, and Nikon lovers would not be disappointed

 The Canon EOS 5D Mark III  

For those who belch out amazing photos using streamlined shoots and designs, with better configurations, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III gives you the best. The photo quality given is outstanding and so is the video output too. However, the only drawback which we could talk about here would be the JPEG photos that are shot with ISO sensitivities too low. Customers nevertheless aren’t complaining, and the best configurations within with amazing performance and price, is what they all like.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The Nikon D800 

Worth every penny you pay for this great camera, although quite steep, it’s still in great demand by the professionals around. Nikon lovers, who wanted something outstanding and new, now have the prestigious Nikon D800 to be pleased and happy with. With this camera, one gets excellent video quality, stellar photographic images, high performance and streamlined shoots. Nothing much to say about its drawbacks, but the battery life can do with an upgrade.

The Canon EOS 7D

For those who love the midrange cameras, the wonderful Canon EOS 7D is value for money. Excellent and fast for photos and use, the autofocus system is very flexible, with a bright viewfinder, big interface that is streamlined and a flash control sans wires. However, the drawbacks would be that of a single card slot which comes with these cameras and the buttons are hard to feel too.

 The Sony Alpha SLT-A99 

A wonderful camera once again which gives the best still shots and videos too. People are talking a lot about the beautiful Sony Alpha SLT-A99V. The photo and video quality at par is the best, the design of the model is well done, and the body is solid and the performance too. Drawbacks to speak of would be the battery life and the auto focus for videos. Sony Alpha SLT-A99

 How to choose the best cameras

Now that we told you names of some of the best cameras used by photographers, veteran and professionals alike, it would be time for you to choose one. We would ask you to take a look online and check out various websites and camera specific shopping sites. Compare costs, read product descriptions and also read reviews about the cameras, left behind by clients and consumers alike. Once you have done these three steps, only then would you know which dslr’s camera would be best for you.

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