Photography Tips For Weddings At Sea

Most couples these days like to have a wedding by the sea. It could either mean a beach wedding, or weddings on a cruise or a yacht. Whatever is the case, it is often a challenge for the photographer to take care of his equipment (from the sand and the water), and also get the right shots amongst so many wedding guests.

Here are a few tips to help you capture weddings at sea beautifully.

Go wide

Even though weddings are all about capturing the right emotions and get candid shots of people with close-ups and portrait shots, when it comes to sea weddings, you must cash on the beautiful landscape and take advantage of the surroundings. So don’t forget to take along your wide lenses, to get the right feel of the sea and the beach, as that will help you add a great aesthetic feel to your pictures.
Play with silhouettes

With the sun shining bright during the day, you will get innumerable chances to play with shadows and silhouettes. Make sure that you use it to your advantage, because the same shadows and silhouettes around the shining seawater seem great. You can also get nice light rays and other beautiful light effects in your pictures.
Add more color

With the blue water and the sandy beaches, you can get decent subtle colors in your pictures. However, since you are covering weddings, and not landscapes, you must ensure that your compositions bring more color to the photographs, by means of right foregrounding and background. Look for the greens in the plants, or the colors in the flowers and the decorations. In other words, make your pictures more vibrant with smart choice of combinations.
Take some monochrome shots

You’ll get beautiful monochrome shots when you are on the beach. Make sure you capture the sea waves and the splashes well. The shots will also come out nice during sunset or sunrise. For night weddings however, you may only get good monochromatic shots if the lighting is good, or if you have an assistant to help you with an umbrella or an extra flash etc.
Don’t miss out the sky

Weddings at sea are your opportunity to get sunrise, sunset and all the beautiful changing colors in the sky as the sun moves and the hours pass by. Try and capture these beautiful colors well, by incorporating the sky in a lot of your pictures. For night shots however, make sure that you somehow control the settings and bounce off the extra lights, such that they don’t land directly on the subjects.

Needless to say, you need to keep your equipment safe all the time, so get rain and dust proof covers for your camera and lenses. Take your tripod along to get good group shots; though don’t rely on it fully. The more you move around and spot great shots on your own, the better variety you’ll get. And maximize on natural light as much as you can. Work on aperture priority in cases where the light in the sky keeps changing frequently.

This article is submitted by Georgia Perry. She is a world class photographer and has captured the hearts of many people with her excellent photography. She also does freelance photography and says it is always a pleasure to work with the Bristol wedding photographers as they are fun to work with.