How to Choose a Photography Tutorial

Technique and Passion

There is more to photography than picking up a camera and taking a photograph. With each image that you take, technique and passion must shine through. For this you need to find a well structured photography tutorial and learn about the art of taking photographs.

Most tutorials will cover the pieces of equipment that will be essential and the basics of photography.

Beyond that, you will need to also learn important things like composition, colour, exposure and lighting. That is because they will impact the images that you produce.

Photography Terms You Must Know

When you are browsing photography tutorials, you are going to find that there are some terms that are commonly used. It is important that you understand them to ensure you take away the most from the learning experience.

Shutter Speed- Often listed as a fraction, this is the length of time the shutter stays open.

Aperture- You may find this listed as the F stop. This is how much light enters the lens.

Depth of Field- Controlled though the use of F stops, this is the amount of distance within the subject that is in focus.

ISO- The higher the ISO, the more sensitive your lens will be to light. This can create grainy images. Typically, higher ISOs are going to be found in faster shutter speeds.

Manual- An adjustable camera setting that will allow you to manipulate everything from ISO to the speed of your shutters and even the aperture.

Focus- If you have a point and shoot, this is the area that is outlined in the box. Often, this term will be used to describe the area that will be in focus and sharpest in a photography.

Flash- There are plenty of types of flash, the term though is a reference to the light burst that comes from the camera.

Shooting Speed- Typically used to describe the number of exposures that your camera will take, as you push down the shutter.

Don't Limit the Tutorials You Explore

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they look at photography tutorials is that they focus in on a single area. Not only will you want to explore the tricks to taking perfect photographs, but you will also want to pay attention to the theory of photography.

Expert photography is a skill that is learned over time. As you practice and study, you will learn new tricks that will help you to capture amazing photographs that people will notice.

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