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At lengthy previous Canon introduces the EOS 60D, its latest prosumer digital SLR. Coming right into a planet exactly where digital SLRs could be observed gracing the neck of anybody who may have ever believed of becoming a photographer, it's not surprising that Canon has rethought its entry-level prosumer digital SLR. The new design is slightly smaller, and additional particularly aimed in the innovative amateur marketplace, better fitting in to the area of interest occupied from the Nikon D90, although the Canon 7D is a better match for that Nikon D300S, cameras which are aimed far more towards individuals making money with their photographs.

The redesign nonetheless primarily adds and improves characteristics, such as the 18-megapixel sensor, Full HD Motion picture mode, and Vari-angle LCD, but there's at the least one function deletion which is a little annoying, which we'll get to shortly.

We'd started to wonder whether Canon would introduce one more semi-Pro digital SLR on this cost assortment, as it's been two years given that the 50D debuted. But the 50D was introduced six months early, only 1 year from the 40D's announcement, so the 60D marks a return to the original schedule, and we do not anticipate an upgrade for another 18 months.

In previous reviews, we've noted that Nikon had Canon SLRs bracketed, introducing SLRs that didn't fairly compete directly with Canon's versions in cost or functions, and that was no much more true than when the Canon 50D was left to duke it out with both the Nikon D80/D90 along with the Nikon D300/D300S. Using the 7D now in location to take to the D300S, the Canon 60D is now aimed more straight in the Nikon D90, losing a couple of of its pro functions in favor of the additional consumer-driven focus along with a more compact physique.

The upgrade to an 18-megapixel sensor brings the Canon Eos 60D as much as date using the Rebel T2i as well as the 7D, and splits the distinction between the two in frame rate, using the T2i shooting three.7 fps, and the 7D ripping through eight fps, whilst the Canon 60D can shoot at 5.3 frames per 2nd. That is down in the 50D's 6.three frames per 2nd, one in the very first downgrades around the listing.

A key enhancement could be the addition of a 1.04-million pixel, 3-inch Vari-angle LCD display to the Canon 60D, opening up far more special composition opportunities towards the class of shooter that Canon is looking for with this new design.

Although it is the sixth EOS SLR to assistance HD video clip capture, the Canon 60D may be the first of its class to do so. Resolutions include 1,920 x one,080p, 1280 x 720, and 640 x 480, saved in H.264 compression with linear PCM audio. Body charges consist of 30, 25, and 24 fps for Full HD, and 60 fps and 50 fps for HD and VGA. Also included is really a function only recently additional to the 5D Mark II's video mode, the all-important audio-level adjustment; so on this sense, the Canon 60D is a more superior video clip capture system than the 7D.

Other fundamental specs on the Canon 60D contain an ISO selection from 100 to 6,400, plus a high setting for 12,800; a 63-zone dual-layer metering sensor; a 9-point all-cross-type phase-detect autofocus sensor; 100,000-cycle shutter durability; and shutter speeds from 30 to 1/8,000 2nd. Electronic leveling first noticed within the 7D also helps make its way to the Canon 60D, indicating pitch and roll like an airplane's perspective indicator. Compact flash has become replaced with SDXC compatibility, along with the Canon 60D makes use of the exact same battery because the 7D.

A great quite a few in the Canon 60D's controls have already been pared down, and most buttons no longer have a dual purpose based to the mode. Even the 4 leading buttons that employed to control two functions via the Main dial as well as the rear Quick Control dial are now dedicated to just 1 purpose per button. On this sense, the Canon Eos 60D is far more like a large Rebel with an LCD standing display around the best deck than an evolution from the xxD line. Yet another, more welcome change integrates the 8-way joystick with the Fast Manage dial. The key regrettable omission to our minds may be the Lens AF Microadjustment Customized Operate, a computer software function that anybody who cares about sharp images will want within their semi-pro camera. It's an additional instance of how the Canon 60D is now aimed at the sophisticated amateur, not the semi-pro market.

Eventually, you can use the Canon 60D's built-in flash to wirelessly remote manage other Canon wireless EX flashes.

In an additional challenge to the Nikon D90, the Canon Eos 60D will ship using the EF-S 18-135mm IS kit lens rather than the instead long-in-the-tooth EF 28-135mm IS lens that shipped using the 40D and 50D. by Shawn Barnett, Dave Etchells, Mike Tomkins, and Zig Weidelich


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