Best Accessories For Your EOS 40D

The Canon EOS 40D is one of the great digital cameras on the market right now. The best thing about buying a camera is checking out all the accessories made for it, but like most anything there are really bad accessories and really useful ones. The following are the best accessories for your Canon EOS 40D:800px-canon_eos_40d_and_85mmf1.8

*Camera Bag
This may be a no brainer, but not all camera bags are created equal. You have made an investment in your EOS 40D, make sure you buy a nice house for it.
But before you buy that first one you see on the internet, go to your local camera shop and feel for yourself. Wear it on you with your EOS 40D in it. Is it comfortable? Will it be able to hold your other accessories and an extra lens? Does it have room for spare batteries and memory cards? There is no such thing as THE perfect camera bag, it is entirely an individual preference. Try it out and feel it. What is best for your 40D?

Most people utilize the lens their 40D came with or their kit lens. This is sometimes also known as the walk around lens and usually encompass a 17-55mm range or similar. Sometimes you need more, but before you buy, what exactly is more? Will you shoot landscapes that require a wider range, or perhaps closeups that require a macro lens? Lens can run into the thousands of dollars, so before you run up the tab, consider what addition, if any, will you add to your 40D?

I mean a tripod silly. Tripods and their heads can be costly as well running into the hundreds of dollars. Their main function is to provide maximum stability for sharp landscape shots and night time photography. I believe all photographer should own some form of tripod. A cheap but powerful alternative is the GorillaPod, a portable tripod with moldable legs that can be wrapped around a variety of fixtures and still maintain stability. The EOS 40D is a powerful machine, not having some sort of tripod is selling yourself short of its capabilities.

Another no brainer, but it is vitally important when choosing what brand of memory. Memory is getting fast and cheaper seemingly every day. Sticking with trusted brands will ensure storage and peace of mind. Like any product, there are the "cheapos" and the trusted, time tested brands. The EOS 40D is able to take up to 75 consecutive jpegs as well as 17 RAWs. That is a massive amount of information in one shutter press to trust to the "cheapo" brands that can fault during write time or leave corrupted and fragmented images. You get what you pay for, so make sure your EOS 40D gets the proper memory it deserves.

*Cleaning Kit
The EOS 40D is built with Canon's Integrated Cleaning System which literally removes dust from the sensor. Sometimes, however, dust will still penetrate the insides of the camera. A cleaning kit consisting of a cloth, solution, and dust blower adds a second line of defense if dust were to intrude your EOS 40D.

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