Canon SD4500IS

Are you looking to get great pictures in a single snap? Get the Canon SD4500IS! The SD4500IS model by Canon is a one of a kind camera offering up as many as 10 megapixels in each still shot. You get a 10X Optical zoom, image stabilization functions, a 3.0 LCD powered display with TFT support, a 4X digital zoom function and this camera can even identify as many as 28 different scenes automatically! Inside the Canon SD4500IS is Digic 4® processing functions, face detection technologies, and the camera has smile detection features as well.

If you are shopping for a digital camera device that has a superior ISO offering, the Canon SD4500IS model by Canon will not disappoint you; you get a top ISO setting of 3200 with the camera which means you can take pictures in bright or low lighting. You can diminish blurring and noise since the camera has stabilization properties that deal with unnecessary vibrations and shaking too. Of course, most impressive is the exterior design of the Canon SD4500IS; the camera is thin, small, light, and attractive since it is crafted in a gorgeous amber/brown casing.

You will love the handheld night scene mode of this camera too since you can take pictures without the need for a tripod, even at night. Everything you need to use the Canon Powershot SD4500IS model by Canon comes right inside the box it is sold in; you do not have to invest in accessories if you do not want to in order to begin enjoying all the spectacular features the device supplies. You get five point automated focus features, an embedded flash with diverse settings, a range of desirable special effects, a selection of white balance options, a burst mode giving you the chance to take a series of shots at a rate of 3.7 frames per second, and a video capturing mode that makes capturing video a breeze.

For added storage you can use MultimediaCards, SDXC cards or SDHC memory cards when using the Canon SD4500IS. This camera is sold with a USB connection too so you can examine all of your captures right on your very own high definition television or monitor! Immediately print out your still captures through a PictBridge feature. This device is impressively portable; the SD4500IS model by Canon measures all of 2.1 inches by 3.9 inches by.9 inches and it weighs just over 6.5 ounces. You get a 35 mm lens focal length equivalent, a decently sized display, a wide angle viewing option, face detection options, date and time overlay options, and a superior shutter speed as well. In addition, inside the Canon Powershot SD4500IS is an orientation sensor, and you get a movie mode, two different types of video output, and three different types of file formatting.

If you are hunting for a camera that is durable and long lasting, the Powershot SD4500IS model by Canon is shock proof and cold proof; this means that it can withstand some of the common hazards that the average digital camera cannot. A low price, a wealth of features, and a gorgeous device make the Canon SD4500IS worthwhile. If you want superior pictures and photos, the Canon SD4500IS is definitely the camera to consider as you shop for the best camera investment.

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