Announcing The Canon 60d - Upgrade Or Crossbreed

The newest Canon 60D is in the shops, both in your brick-and-mortar shops and in online cyber stores as well. Will it be as successful as the Canon Rebel T2i AND the mid-range Canon 7D already have been over the last calendar year?

The new Canon 60D upgrade to the 50D is on the street. You can get one in either your local brick-and-mortar stores or in the particular cyber-store of your choice. Might it be as successful as the Canon Digital Rebel

T2i or the mid range Canon 7D have been over the last year?

An even more interesting issue and thought must be considered: Is the Canon eos 60D an authentic upgrade of the 50D as many Canon users were hoping for, or will it be a crossbreed of the 50D, the T2i and the 7D as some contend?

It is not too hard to answer that question when you look at the specifications in addition to features of the latest Canon Dslr. There are actually a couple of features in which the 60D is downgraded from the 50D. Most notably, the construction material for the digital camera body is now a polycarbonate (plastic) polymer instead of the magnesium alloy materials in the 50D.

Another feature that has been degraded is the burst rate. Whereas the 50D will be capable of 6.3 frames per second, the more recent model is able to capture in a slower 5.3 fps.

There are several wonderful features in the completely new Canon 60D that have been inherited from the T2i and the 7D. The 18mp sensor is the same in all three models now. This means that acquiring really great picture quality is now a benefit of not only the 60D, but also the T2i along with the 7D.

You will also get excellent HD movie from the 3 models. The 60D has an advantage in the stereo sound input because it has even more control in that area.

The three very best features which are found solely in the Canon 60D will most certainly be:

(1) a new articulating Live view screen (LCD) so that it is very easy to become a videographer with this camera


(2) Improved control of automatic-ISO

(3) Improved upon control over audio input when in video input mode

The Canon EOS 60D appears very much like a hybrid. Opinion is that the other two models are doing so well that Canon administrators didn't want to infringe upon their future possibilities and accomplishments. Certainly, the 7D is a much more productive release as compared to many of their DSLRs in past times. If the 60D was a true upgrade of the 50D, including a price tag in about the same level, there would be many consumers who would choose new camera instead of the 7D, which is something that would not please the Canon braintrust.

So, the Canon Corp. decided to do a little "give and take". The Canon 60D upgrade (or perhaps hybrid) is really the perfect in-between camera from the Canon Digital lineup. 

There is one group which will most likely not be overly delighted with this kind of release. That is the group of current 40D and 50D owners. That is simply because they currently personally own a camera which is already in a  competitive position with the new 60D (and in some instancesArticle Submission, as in construction material.. much better).

You really need to see a comparison of the 60D update with the Rebel T2i and the Canon 7D.

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As the holidays approach, there will be a lot of conjecture over which Canon DSLR will be the favorite. As you decide which one is for you, you will want to see a comparison of the Canon 60D upgrade with the Rebel T2i and the Canon 7D. That is available at Happy Shooting!